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Nope.  I have a no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you want a refund, you go to your account page, you click "Refund", you get a refund. That's it.

Any information you put in the course is yours - it's private and stays private, even from me or the folks running the servers. You can read the details in my grandma-friendly privacy policy.

If you have other questions or any problems, just email me - [email protected]. It goes straight to me. :)

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What's this based on?

Oodles and oodles of psychology and neurobiology research, and years of testing, tweaking, and simplifying.

Understanding how our brains work and how we can get the most of our lives is one of the things I geek out about most. I'm constantly reading books, research papers, and studies about this stuff - and 7-Day Sprint (and my other stuff) come out of that obsession.

In essence, 7-Day Sprint packages up a bunch of different proven techniques for overcoming intertia and the cognitive biases we all face, into a simple press-and-go course.

But what if I hate it or it sucks?

I'll give you your money back.

I stand behind every single thing I make with a money-back guarantee. I'm working hard to make quality, useful tools that help us each live our most meaningful lives. If one of my tools doesn't work for you, take that money and put it into something that does.

Will it work on my Google iPhone 23 Plus X? Or my really old laptop? Or my fancy tablet thing?

Yep. Desktop, laptop, phone, tablet - whatever you've got, it was built to work there.

You can even use multiple devices at the same time, and they'll stay magically synced up.

Why should I listen to you? You're coming at this as a white dude born in the US with a ton of privilege.

Completely true. And maybe you shouldn't. I've built this course off of established research, and tried to keep the concepts and tools here separate from my personal experience. But it's never 100% possible, and I'd be lying if I thought my perspective, lived experience, and biases didn't skew this course in ways I'm missing.

It's part of the reason I have a no-questions-asked refund policy. I don't want folks paying for things that don't work for them. If you spot a perspective I missed in the course, please let me know. I'm a work in progress, and I want to get better.

Actually, this isn't quite what I need. What else have you got?

A couple things.

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  • If you're spending more time on facebook or another website than you'd like, check out Mindful Browsing. It's free.
  • If you're looking to build long-term habits, and understand how your brain works, wait for The Change Monsters. They're coming.